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Inserts, Doublers and Liners

Products » Inserts, Doublers and Liners
Doublers are thick pads that can be used to add absorbency to your diaper. These are usually added inside a fitted, AIO or prefold diaper. They often have a fleece lining that lies against your baby’s skin to keep it dry. These are great when extra protection is needed such as nightime.

Inserts are absorbent multi-layer fabrics that are placed inside a pocket diaper. These can be made of various materials such as microfiber, terry and hemp.

Liners are thin layers of biodegradable paper that are placed between the diaper and your baby’s skin. These are generally used for easier clean up by preventing poop from sticking to the diaper. Once soiled, the liner is flushed down the toilet or thrown in the garbage. Another type of liner is polar fleece liners. These work great to keep the baby’s skin dry by wicking away wetness from the skin. They also help with poopy messes since stool tend to peel off the fleece. Once soiled these are machine washable.

*Clearance* Flip Stay Dry One-Size Inserts - 3 pack
*Clearance* FuzziBunz Microfiber Inserts
Annie Marie Padorie 2 layer Bamboo Boosters
Annie Marie Padorie Flushable Liners
bumGenius One-Size Microfiber Inserts
*Clearance* Happy Heinys Microfiber Terry Inserts
Annie Marie Padorie hemp boosters (3 layers)
*Clearance* Motherease Bamboo or Stay Dry Absorbent Liners
Annie Marie Padorie One-Size Bamboo Inserts
SoftBums DryTouch Large Pod
SoftBums Dry Touch MINI Pods
SoftBums Organic Bamboo MINI Pods
*Clearance* Flip Night Time Organic Cotton Inserts - 2 pack
Gro Via Organic Cotton or Stay Dry Soaker Pads (2-pack)
Gro Via Stay Dry Booster (2-pack)
Gro Via Organic Cotton Booster (2-pack)
Bio-Soft Liners by Bummis
Annie Marie Padorie Microfleece Diaper Liners
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