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All-In-One, AI2's and Hybrid Diapers

Products » All-In-One, AI2's and Hybrid Diapers
All-in-one diapers (or AIO’s) are a one piece diapering system, the closest resembling disposable diapers. An AIO is basically a fitted diaper and waterproof outer layer combined into a single diaper. The absorbent material is usually sewn into the diaper but can sometimes be detachable (also known as All-In-Two, AI2's). They fasten with either aplix (Velcro) or snaps and are definitely the easiest to use and a favorite for outings, babysitters and Daddy’s. They do take longer to dry and do not offer much customizing of absorbency other than adding a doubler. They also come in various colors and prints.

Hybrid diapers (or all-in-one hybrid or pocket all-in-one) are basically an AIO diaper that also features a pocket opening. These are great because they can be used as a simple AIO or you can also use the pocket opening to add more absorbency as needed such as nighttime or during outings. They also come in various colors and prints. The term Hybrid diapers is also being used for diaper systems that offer a disposable alternative (i.e. Flip diapers from Cotton Babies and the Gro Baby diapers).

Annie Marie Padorie Stay Dry Snap AIO Diaper
Omaïki All-in-One One-Size Diaper
*Sale* bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper (Snaps)
*Sale* Blueberry One-Size Simplex AIO Diaper
Annie Marie Padorie Stay Dry All-In-One Diaper
Gro Via One-Size Single Shell (Snaps)
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